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Mix&Match: Denim on Denim. Why not?
Denim on denim — or mixing and matching separate denim pieces in one outfit (also known as "double denim") — is a fashion trend that keeps on coming back, season after season.We love it as a stylish option for looking put together, for laid back weekends and casual occasions. You can even style d...
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Mix&Match: How to Wear Cargo Pants
TON SUR TONThe fastest way to get sporty is by mixing and matching cargo pants and a minimalist shirt with tones. Don't forget to add a belt bag so cool.EVENING GLAMOURJust a few more sparkling accessories are ready for a modern, sporty and outstanding evening wear.SPORT LUXEThere is no simple wa...
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5 Types of Bras Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe
Make sure your lingerie drawer has 5 types of multi-tasking bras—no matter what life throws at you, at least you’ll have plenty of support. 1. T-Shirt BraA T-shirt bra is the most important style of bra that every girl or woman should have in their wardrobe. It is the most comfortable bra that ca...
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